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Per accedere alle risorse riservate ai soci accedi con la mail con cui ti sei iscritto. Se ti sei iscritto pochi giorni fa non ti preoccupare se non funziona, serve qualche giorno per aggiungere il tuo utente al sistema!


Do you want to know more about what we keep in store for you? Do you want to participate in the organization of an event? Why don’t you come to meet us!

Our meetings are open to everyone!
BEA’s teams meet each other every two weeks. The next one  is …(coming soon)!

We are waiting for you!



On June every year elections are held for designate the new executive board.

                                 (work in progress)

                           (regolamento elettorale.)


(work in progress)!! 



Don’t miss this year too PEoPLe@DEIB!

                                       (coming soon)