BEA is the acronym of Biomedical Engineering Association. We are a non-profit student association of Politecnico of Milan, non-partisan non-political and non-denominational.

When was it born? Where does the idea come from?

BEA was created by students for students in June 2017. We took inspiration from AIM- Associazione degli Ingegneri Matematici (Matematical Engineers Association) – and we would like to represent a reference point for all Biomedical Engineering students of Polimi, in order to make it possible to improve their university experience.

May I join the association?

If you are a student attending a Bachelor or a Master degree in Biomedical Engineering or a PhD student or a professor, of course you can! Here you can find all information you need! If you are interested in what we do but you don’t belong to anyone of these categories instead, just contact us!

What do you do? What are your projects?

Among our projects there are a database of students’ academical experiences (Erasmus, stages, …), acting as a go-between for scholars and students, in order to suggest and offer the opportunity and the means for extracurricular education. For instance, we intend to organize meetings with Alumni who entered the labour market and courses to give students the opportunity to learn useful tools (CV, software, LaTeX, …).

Our aim is creating the opportunity to meet students of all years, in order to favour the exchange of ideas ed experiences in an informal context and to share thesis and stages proposals…and there’s a lot more brewing!

When I am no longer enrolled at Polimi, will I still be a BEA’s associate?

You will be a BEA’s associate until you are a student or a PhD student of Polimi. Once you have left university, you will automatically become part of BEAlumni association, which gathers all BEA’s ex-associates.

Just to be sure...are you in compliance?

Absolutely yes! We registered to IRS (Agenzia delle Entrate) e to the Register of Associations of Polimi.

If you want to learn more about it, you can read our Documents:

Constitutive Act

Privacy Policy

BEA and BEAlumni’s internal rules

Electoral System

BEA’s Statute

BEAlumni’s Statute