Matteo Capone

Clinical Support Specialist, Johnson & Johnson

  • Career at Politecnico:
    Bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering and Master in BTE. Erasmus in Lisbon during the first semester of the fifth year, Internship in Amsterdam with Erasmus+ for Traineship project right after graduation. Athens project in Prague in Talent Management.

  • Role in BEA:                       
    Co-founder and vice president of BEA, still loyal sustainer and lover of this project. 

I worked for Philips for three months as a product specialist in the field of non-invasive mechanical ventilation, then I moved to J&J (in the Biosense Webster franchise), where I currently work, as Clinical Support Specialist, engineer in the room, for intracardiac mapping Electroanatomical 3D during ablation procedures for tachycardias. A job as fascinating as it is complicated to explain. I would like to emphasize how I entered this magical world through one of our former Biomedical colleague, who became my friend during university, who presented my CV to her boss. This is to underline the importance of an extensive network of knowledge, and a bit of luck, which sometimes is also needed.

Agnese Lucchetti

PhD student nell´ambito del progetto europeo BioImplant International Training Network (Marie Curie)

  • Career at Politecnico:       
    Bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering and Master in BBB

  • Role in BEA:   
    Events Team

I chose the Phd because I felt it as a natural continuation of my university path. I chose to do it abroad because I considered the first post-university years the last available to be able to travel properly. I got the opportunity thanks to Prof. Pennati (LaBS) who sent me the project call.
BioImplant ITN ( is a European project that brings together 12 researchers from different countries and is based on the collaboration of universities and companies spread across Ireland, Spain, Scotland and Germany. It requires to pass half of the doctorate period in the university (in this case RWTH Aachen, Germany) and half in the company (in this case Boston Scientific Galway, Ireland). Objective: development of bioresorbable devices (in this case stents). This is not only a doctorate aimed at research as such, but at 360 ° researcher training through training organized by various partners, courses, events and meetings.

Federica Potere

Researcher at VCU Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Career at Politecnico:
    Bachelor degree in Biomedical eEngineer 2014/2017
    Master in BBB 2017/2019

  • Role in BEA:   
    Treasurer 2018/2019

Summer 2018: Internship as Research Assistant at the VCU Virginia Commonwealth University

Project title: studies about the evaluation of mass and elastic modulus change of degradable electrospun PCL scaffolds for tissue engineering in Dr Soares’ Engineered Tissue Multiscale Mechanics & Modeling Laboratory.

Mar-Nov 2019: Master thesis at VCU Virginia Commonwealth University- Mechanical and nuclear department – Engineered Tissue Multiscale Mechanics and Modeling Laboratory (ETM3), led by Dr. Joao Soares

Project title: Mechanical stimulation of engineered tissues in bioprinted silicone scaffolds and its synergy with scaffold micro-architecture

Supervisor: Federica Boschetti

january 2020: Researcher at VCU Virginia Commonwealth University, Mechanical and Nuclear Department- Collage of Engineering

Project title: In Vivo implantation of PCL scaffolds in mice and studies of the inflammatory response of the body

Luca Fortini

Politecnico Phd at IIT in Genova

  • Career at Politecnico:       
    Master degree in BBB

  • Role in BEA:     
    Companies and Alumni Team Manager

While I was working on my master’s thesis at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, in the Human Robot Interfaces and Physical Interaction laboratory (, I was offered the opportunity to continue with a doctorate the work I had started thanks to the funds of an ERC project (Ergo-Lean: recently won by the group’s PI. The “Ergo-Lean” project aims to evaluate ergonomics in industrial scenarios of human-robot collaboration by monitoring posture and overload to put in place targeted anticipatory actions of the robotic counterpart in order to prevent the occurrence of musculoskeletal pathologies.

Giulia Cavenago

Regulatory Affair Assistant per Dispositivi Medici presso SOL Group

  • Career at Politecnico:
    Bachelor degree in Mathematical Engineering and Master in Biomedical Engineering (BBB)

  • Role in BEA:                           
    President 1° year, Vice-presidente 2° year
– past work: internship at IFPEN (Paris) and internship at STORENGY (Paris)

I found this job in SOL group through the Career Service at Polimi. I was hired for a six-month internship, the aim of the project is the transition from the directive to the regulation regarding medical devices on the market in the European market. It may seem only bureaucracy and paperwork, but I was curious to understand what was behind the design, production and sale of a medical device. I take care of preparing the technical files and therefore mainly the description of a product, the analysis of the risks connected to it, the laboratory test reports and more. Generally speaking, the role of Regulatory Affair Manager implies much more, such as inspections and participation in working groups to review technical rules and standards related to the medical devices treated.